Application for SWG Ascendancy Membership

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Application for SWG Ascendancy Membership

Post by Erebus » Sun Sep 30, 2018 3:32 am

Application for SWG Ascendancy Membership.

Notice for applicants - SWG Ascendancy is a private server. The information gathered here is used ONLY to validate you, the applicant, to determine if we allow you access into SWG Ascendancy server or not.

We are not open to the public and vette all of our applicants We wish to remain a private server so that our members can enjoy the best possible experiences the game has to offer. We want only the very best people and players to be here. Best, meaning and being - active, helpful, courteous, friendly, loyal and those interested only in making the game fun and enjoyable for themselves and everyone else.

Please be truthful on this application. If you give false information, it will result in termination of membership, account and services without warning.

Copy and paste the questions with your answers into a new topic once you are done by clicking ( ... a1a0345d01)

Also located in the Accounts Request Forum.


If you are not over 18 years old - do you have a parent / guardian’s permission ( please submit COPPA agreement ) AND will the parent / guardian be playing or be able to be contacted via voice on discord or other to verify age/rules/ToS/etc.. ?

Are you registered yet and if so what is the register name ?

Are there any other members of the house or shared IP registered already, or will register and their usernames ?

What discord name or names have you used previously, please list all associated with you?

What discord name will you be using for SWG Ascendancy ?

What guild or guilds have you / currently do you associate with or have associated with previously from live or other servers if any?

Are you banned from any other game servers / forums and why?

Have you been banned from any swg related servers and why?

Do you play on any other SWG related servers and if so which and how often ?

How active are you, estimate via hours per day or week ?

Do you prefer playing imperial or neutral or rebel or mixed and how so ( I.E. main is rebel, have 1 imp and 2 neutrals but prefer imperial character ) ?

What aspects of the game do you enjoy most ( I.E. PvP, PvE, Crafting, gathering resources, afk farming, atk farming etc. ) ?

What aspects of the game will be your secondary engagements ?

Who referred you to SWG Ascendancy or how did you hear about us ( please state refer by or how ) ?

Who will you be referring if anyone?

Do you know anyone currently playing on SWG Ascendancy and who ?

Do you play or have an account with SREmu server ( ) , if yes account names ?

Did you previously play on SWG Vision of Hope?

If so what was the account name and/or if multiple accounts please list all associated accounts.

What was your main characters name on VoH?

Why have you applied to be an Ascendancy Member and why should we allow you to play here please be thorough?

What is your first name?
What is your age?